WATCH: Awful PI call robs Sooners of pick-six, turns into 14-point swing for Texas Tech

By Jesse Reed

Toward the end of the first half as Oklahoma battled the Texas Tech Red Raiders, the Sooners were absolutely robbed of a likely pick-six.

Cornerback Parnell Motley was fortunate enough that the receiver he was defending slipped in the end zone. He then picked off quarterback Alan Bowman and was running the other way, without anyone in front of him.

Then, inexplicably, Motley was called for pass interference instead.

This really is maddening. The receiver clearly slipped, and Motley never touched him as he fell. Instead of a pick-six, the Sooners watched Texas Tech score a touchdown afterward.

That’s a 14-point swing. For a team that has national championship aspirations, this could loom very large.