WATCH: Awesome ‘Madden’ commercial starring Marshawn Lynch, E-40

By Vincent Frank

New Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch is an absolute gem. He’s shown this many times over since coming out of retirement to join his home-town team. Fellow Bay Area native E-40 is also pretty darn awesome in his own right.

So when the two decide to come together to film a commercial, it’s high time we pay attention to it.

That’s exactly what happened recently, with both Lynch and E-40 starring in a commercial for Madden NFL 18.

And it’s not any less awesome than we’d imagine.

“Awe man, thought I had a bye week.”

Let’s hope for the Raiders’ sake Lynch doesn’t forget about a game this season. After all, he’s spent the past year doing pretty much everything other than playing football.

Well done, Madden.