WATCH: Antonio Brown catches 53 balls while planking for 60 seconds

Antonio Brown

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown regularly documents his workouts on his social media platforms.

One of his most recent freak-of-nature athletic feats features the receiver side-planking on his forearm for one whole minute while catching 53 footballs.


This is absolutely amazing. It seems hardly a day goes by that Brown is not working to better his physical shape. His motivation is this.

“I know there are people out there who want to bring me down,” says Brown said per Nike. “And that’s just extra motivation for me to train smarter and harder so that I can give myself an edge.”

Clearly his naysayers can take a hike. Brown also explains why he chooses to practice this specific exercise.

“Proving to myself that my body can secure catches in a really difficult way time and time again gives me the confidence to know that I can catch the ball freely,” explains Brown. “It has made me an all-around better player.”

Pushing himself the extra edge has certainly paid off. He recently signed a lucrative contract extension with the Steelers which makes him the highest paid receiver in the league.

He has more than earned his keep with the Steelers, having compiled 6,315 receiving yards and 43 touchdowns over his last four seasons.

Keep up the good work, here AB.

And good luck to those NFL players Brown shouted out on his Instagram to take on the #ABChallenge.