WATCH: Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards shows off insane passing skills

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Anthony Edwards is not only a rising basketball superstar but has a football throwing arm that is an absolute gun.

Edwards is a freak of nature. We got a full glimpse of it during the 2022 playoffs when the 20-year-old established himself as the clear alpha on the Minnesota Timberwolves. This is with regards to Karl-Anthony Towns, who finished on the 3rd All-NBA team this year. Even with that accolade, this is definitely Edwards’ team going forward. 

In the lone playoff series that the Timberwolves played in, Edwards averaged 25.2 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 3 assists over 38 minutes. These are staggering numbers for someone in their first playoff series. The T-Wolves ended up losing in six games, but for a lot of the series, they looked like the better team with Edwards being the best player and the catalyst of the offense. He even looked better than Ja Morant throughout the series. These are staggering numbers for someone in the first playoff series. 

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Anthony Edwards has a throwing arm like an NFL QB1

There are only a select few people on the planet someone would rather have as the face of their franchise than Edwards. The guy is magnetic in everything that he does. He also got consistently better season over season. His post-game interviews are must-watch, as his charisma is palpable, even when addressing media members.

Edwards has many personas and is going to be a massive star on and off the court. One of the scarier thoughts is that Edwards might be a better football player than he is a basketball player. Edwards has commented before on how good of an athlete he is, and for a while, he just seemed like a cocky 20-year-old. But the video linked above came out Thursday, and now we are all starting to think Edwards may have dual-career opportunities in his near future 

Is there anything this guy can’t do? He seems to excel in every facet of life. Similar to the man who tweeted at him after this video went viral. 

If Tom Brady is tweeting about how good your arm is, then you have some serious potential. When you’re getting your fantasy football roster spots ready for this year, maybe take a flyer on Edwards in a two-quarterback league. 

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