Anthony Edwards names his all-time NBA starting five, including himself, but not Michael Jordan

There’s no question Anthony Edwards is a rising star in the NBA. But he’s had the confidence of a superstar before he became one of the 50 best players currently in the league.

Although he’s yet to make an All-Star or All-NBA team, the talent that Edwards possesses is undeniable. He may crack a top-50 list for now, but it’s evident the first pick from the 2020 NBA Draft has his sights set much higher. He wants to become an all-time great.

Obviously to earn such high acclaim, he’ll have to step his game up, finding a way to help his Minnesota Timberwolves elevate past the first round in the playoffs, which likely means improving his defense and becoming a more consistent player.

While Edwards has achieved some incredible feats in his first two years in the NBA, such as being the youngest player to hit 10 threes in an NBA game, he’s got a long way to go before he can be mentioned among the legends of the game, as far as career achievements.

Yet if you were to ask Ant who he would place on his all-time NBA starting five, he’d already put his name on the roster. This shouldn’t be a surprise, as Ant-Man is not one who lacks confidence, but it’s still gold.

Anthony Edwards lists his all-time starting five

House of Highlights asked Edwards to create his own personal all-time starting five and here’s who he came up with on the spot.

  • Allen Iverson
  • Anthony Edwards
  • LeBron James
  • Kevin Durant
  • Shaquille O’Neal

I mean, there’s a lot to be taken from this. Of course the biggest one is including himself, but we covered that already, and it’s not much of a surprise based on his previous beliefs.

Most notable, is the absence of Michael Jordan, arguably basketball’s all-time GOAT.

It’s ironic, as there continues to be a working theory (more like a wild conspiracy), that Edwards is somehow MJ’s kid. Some say the visual appearances line up, and his athleticism and bravado are certainly a match. Whether you subscribe to these theories or not is up to you, but perhaps this latest snub will only fuel the speculation.

In all seriousness, Edwards is not the son of Michael Jordan. Edwards received his Ant-Man nickname from his father, Roger Caruth when he was just three years old.

Whether you agree with his list or not, and of course you don’t, either way, it’s always fun to see who a player places in their top-five starting lineups and Ant’s list is pretty entertaining too.

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