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Washington DB takes veiled shot at Alex Smith talking up Colt McCoy

Vincent Frank
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

At some point, the Washington Redskins are going to realize what they’re missing now that Alex Smith has been lost for the season to a terrible leg injury. That point apparently isn’t right now.

In talking about Smith’s replacement, Colt McCoy, Redskins safety D.J. Swearinger seemingly lobbed a shot directly in the face of Mr. Smith. It’s cringe-worthy. And it pretty much shows us just how much disrespect Smith has received throughout his career.

”Mr. Checkdown” and “game manager” has been two terms tossed in Smith’s direction throughout his vastly underrated career. Though, using the term “gunslinger” to describe McCoy seems to be a bit off.

After all, here’s a guy that’s thrown for exactly 5,640 yards and 27 touchdowns since entering the NFL some nine seasons ago. Both Andrew Luck and Patrick Mahomes have more touchdowns this season. Just some food for thought right there.

Back to the disrespect Smith’s teammate decided to show him after suffering one of the ugliest injuries we’ve seen in recent NFL history. He has the Redskins at 6-4 through 10 games. How significant is that? Well, Washington has won six games or fewer five times over the past nine seasons.

Sure Smith has his limitations. But here’s a dude that’s posted a 75-35-1 record with 142 touchdowns compared to 48 interceptions since the start of the 2011 season.

We’ll find out Thursday against Dallas whether Swearinger’s confidence in “Gunslinger McCoy” is spot on. For now, we can only roll our eyes.