Von Miller: ‘No chance I play the 2016 season under the franchise tag’

By Vincent Frank
Courtesy of USA Today Images

The drawn-out contract stalemate between reigning Super Bowl MVP Von Miller and the Denver Broncos was taken to an entirely new level on Thursday morning. The linebacker indicated on social media that he won’t play this season under the franchise tag.


“I love my teammates, coaches, and my fans, but there is no chance I play the 2016 season under the franchise tag,” Miller said in an Instagram post.

Miller is currently seeking a contract that would pay him upwards of $70 million guaranteed over three seasons. Meanwhile, the Broncos are offering their former top-five pick a deal that would include less than $39 million guaranteed for two seasons.

As of right now, Denver has thrown the franchise tag Miller’s way, a designation that would pay him $14.1 million for the 2016 season (more on all this here).

On one hand, it makes perfect sense that Miller wouldn’t want to play under the franchise tag. That would guarantee his salary for just one season at the aforementioned $14.1 million. Denver could then place the franchise tag on him once again next March.

Of course, this is all dependent on the All-Pro linebacker remaining healthy. That’s yet another issue when it comes to him accepting the franchise tag designation.

This has been a not-so-subtle rift between Miller and his franchise since he helped lead the team to the Lombardi with 2.5 sacks against the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl.

By going public with these comments, Miller is taking the rift to an entirely new level. It will be interesting to see how Denver responds.