Vikings troll Aaron Rodgers with quarterback’s ex-girlfriend

Aaron Rodgers simply needs more help with the Green Bay Packers

The Minnesota Vikings’ Twitter account went into savage mode on Wednesday, trolling Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in a big way.

It started when comedian Nick Swardson — currently filming a film with Olivia Munn — posted a photo on the social media site with the actress.

Clearly identifying himself as a Vikings fan, Swardson’s caption is spot on here.

“Football is right around the corner. I drafted Olivia.”

What blue-blooded American man would not draft the former The Newsroom star?

But this isn’t the best part. Just check out the Vikings’ reaction to this tweet. It’s all sorts of amazing.

Well, then.

Munn and Rodgers broke up back in April after a couple years together. The Vikings themselves surely knew this, and played an epic troll game on the bitter division rival.

Good work, Vikings.