Vikings’ Michael Floyd expected to be suspended to open season

A preliminary Minnesota Vikings roster projection by Matt Vensel of The Star Tribune doesn’t include an active Michael Floyd.

The reason being is that Floyd could likely be facing an NFL suspension for a December 2016 drunk driving arrest. Per the report, if Floyd gets suspended he will not count towards the 53-man roster.

This is taking into consideration that Floyd is still a member of the Vikings once September rolls around. Floyd was involved in another incident where he is disputing that he did not fail a recent alcohol test. He is currently on house arrest with a zero tolerance alcohol policy.

The Vikings’ current wide receivers that round out the rest of the projected 53-man roster include Stefon Diggs, Adam Thielen, Laquon Treadwell, Jarius Wright and Rodney Adams, per Vensel.

Floyd’s future with the Vikings at the very least, looks to be suspended in mid-air. He was an original 13th overall pick by the Arizona Cardinals in 2012. The Cardinals immediately cut him when news of December’s arrest broke.

Fortunately for Floyd, the New England Patriots quickly signed him and turned him into a one-time Super Bowl champion.

We will see soon enough what the Vikings plan to do about Floyd with a possible suspension looming.