Vernon Davis back on track after firing advisor who recommended holdout

By Jesse Reed
Courtesy of USA Today Sports: Davis needs to up his game big time.

San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis is ready to renew his focus and love for the game of football after firing an advisor who recommended he hold out for a new contract last year.

Davis revealed this rather shocking information on Friday morning at team facilities in Santa Clara, Ca. Speaking with reporters, he spoke about a renewed passion for the game after getting off track in 2014, via Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area:

“Last year I had a lot of people in my ear,” Davis said. “Particularly, I had an advisor who kept telling, ‘Hey, you should try to get a new contract,’ this and that…“But during the course of that season, I had a chance to really think about it and say, ‘What am I doing?’ I don’t play this game for money…I had to take step back and look at some of the things I was doing and some of the people I was listening to. But I don’t play this game for money. I play for the love of the game. I play for the moment.”

Fantasy owners and 49ers fans don’t need to be reminded just how atrocious a season it was for Davis. After getting the season started with a bang in Week 1 with two touchdowns, the tight end went bone dry the rest of the campaign. He finished with just 26 catches for 245 yards and two touchdowns—the worst season in his professional career.

This isn’t a guy who has just lost the physical ability to be a playmaker in this league, either. Davis can still fly past all but the most fleet-footed of NFL defenders, and he’s as strong as ever.

The entire season was lost because Davis lost his focus. He worried about money more than the game.

He certainly wasn’t the only player on the team last season to lose focus, either, but a fresh start has been offered, and Davis plans on taking full advantage of the opportunity.

He fired his advisor, renewed his passion and is excited for the new season.

“The great thing is I get another opportunity,” Davis said. “What you saw this offseason is just me being determined to be great, me being determined to help my teammates win and put it all on the line.”

If Davis does return to the form he displayed in 2013—quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s first full season under center—when he caught 13 touchdowns, then San Francisco’s offense will be much more formidable than experts have imagined it will be this season.

Photo Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports