Vegas Sports Books Still Favor Patriots Over the Steelers to Win the Season Opener

By Rachel Wold

Say what? The New England Patriots will host the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2015 NFL Season opener most likely featuring backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo under center. Despite Tom Brady’s absence due to his NFL mandated suspension, multiple Las Vegas sports books still favor the Patriots to beat the Steelers in their Week 1 matchup.

Before the suspension was handed down, the Patriots were favored by 6.5 points. Now, several sports books are still favoring the Patriots by 2-3 points. In fact, Tony Miller, who is the director of the sports book at the Golden Nugget Hotel, actually stated this (via TMZ Sports).

They’re still the Patriots … and they have a couple of months to get Jimmy Garoppolo ready.

That’s certainly one way to look at the situation while Brady serves his time. This is reversal of news considering most sports books removed the game after the Wells report was released. Whether or not the public believes New England will pull off a win against the Steelers, it appears Vegas betting is still on the Patriots’ side.

Photo: USA Today Sports