Tyronn Lue has owed Mike Brown $100 for 19 years

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue owes Golden State Warriors assistant coach (and interim head coach) Mike Brown $100. He’s owed him $100 for the better part of two decades after losing a shooting contest to him as a rookie, yet Brown won’t let him pay the money for a rather hilarious reason.

“I owe him $100 from when I was a rookie,” Lue said. “I try to pay him and he’ll never take the money so he can say I always owe him. He was with the Spurs and I was with the Lakers, and we had a little shooting contest and I lost and he wouldn’t take the money, so from now 19 years in a row he says, ‘You owe me $100.’ He won’t take the money, but I’ve just always been close with Mike. I like Mike a lot. I respect him a lot.”

The two coaches will be going at one another with quite a bit more on the line in the coming weeks as the Warriors and Cavs meet up in the NBA Finals for the third consecutive year. Both teams have claimed one title the first two times around, so this championship series feels even more important than usual.

That said, you can bet Brown won’t pass up the opportunity to remind his young peer that he still owes him.