Twitter reacts after refs miss obvious facemask on Deshaun Watson

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Late in the second quarter of Saturday’s Wild Card Game between the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts, Deshaun Watson was dragged down by his facemask.

It was an extremely blatant facemask penalty.

Except, nary a single yellow flag appeared on the field. The refs either saw it and thought it was not a facemask or somehow were not looking at the person carrying the ball.

This non-call ended up really hurting Houston. A couple plays later, Watson missed DeAndre Hopkins on fourth down and the Texans turned the ball over on downs. Fans and analysts were stunned that the facemask wasn’t called.

However, as we’ve seen before this year, this is a problem that the league has to fix due to a “mechanic” explained by former NFL ref Terry McAulay.

So, please do fix this, NFL. Sincerely, fans everywhere.