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Twins demote 2017 All-Star Miguel Sano to Single-A

Michael Dixon

In 2017, Miguel Sano was an All-Star for the Minnesota Twins. On Thursday, the struggling Sano was demoted all the way down to Single-A.

Sano has a decent (but not great) seven home runs, but is hitting only .203/.270/.405.

He was also accused of sexual assault in the offseason, although Phil Miller of the Star Tribune noted in March that the matter was “probably closed.”

Just focusing on the on-field developments, this is one of the more rapid declines in recent memory.

Sano hit .264/.352/.507 with 28 home runs in only 114 games for the Twins in 2017. He hit 25 home runs in only 116 games in 2016, and 18 as a rookie in only 80 games in 2015.

To go from that, all the way down to Single-A, was completely unimaginable at the beginning of the season.