Tucker Barnhart has hilarious takeaway from Reds-Pirates brawl

By Jesse Reed
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates got into a massive brawl on Sunday after Pirates starting pitcher Chris Archer threw a pitch behind Reds first baseman Derek Dietrich’s back.

The pitch appeared to be in retaliation for a home run, and it sparked quite the reaction from Cincinnati’s bench. In particular, Yasiel Puig was a big instigator in the brawl as he got around a teammate to jump into the fray (to apparently fight the entire Pittsburgh roster).

Puig was one of five players who were ejected from the game after this brawl. The teammate who tried keeping Puig in check was Tucker Barhnart, who failed miserably.

On that note, Barnhart had a rather hilarious takeaway from the incident, which he shared with former NFL offensive lineman Joe Thomas.

Based on the tape, it appears Barnhart never had a chance. Puig went around the corner like Von Miller on the hunt to the quarterback, and no amount of technique was going to stop him.