Trump to Obama: Free Golf for Life if you Resign

Depending on where you stand on the social issues of the day, Donald Trump is either eccentric or about 20 cards short of a full deck and in the need of a straitjacket.

But no one can really deny that he offers up some of the hottest takes known to man. This recent tweet that the business magnate /investor/actor/television personality/politician/author sent out is one of those takes.

I am pretty sure that Obama can play golf free wherever he wants after he leaves office following a second term in which the citizens of the United States voted him in.

Maybe Trump should offer up a day of golf with Obama, Joe Biden and himself. Now that would be something worth checking out, wouldn’t it?

As the Don continues to throw his social media weight around, I have one offer for him. If you shut up for good, I promise to buy every season of The Apprentice known to man. Deal?

Photo: Washington Post