Report: Trevor Siemian has ‘legitimate shot’ to start for Broncos

Sep 3, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian (3) prepares to pass in the fourth quarter of a preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The Cardinals defeated the Broncos 22-20. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Despite what many think about the Denver Broncos’ quarterback situation, word continues to come out that Trevor Siemian is a legitimate factor.

Answering questions from his mailbag, Andrew Mason of the team website further confirmed this truth when a fan asked if it was wrong for people to dismiss Siemian.

“Those whose opinions truly matter — the coaches — aren’t dismissing Siemian, so that’s the key thing,” Mason wrote. “He has a legitimate shot now, whether observers want to believe that or not.”

In truth, nobody should be surprised by this.

It’s not like last year’s seventh-round pick out of Northwestern has compelling competition for the Broncos’ starting gig. If Siemian can’t convince head coach Gary Kubiak that he deserves the starting job, then it’s going to be Mark Sanchez or rookie Paxton Lynch behind center for the Broncos this season.

Neither Sanchez nor Lynch would give fans much reason for confidence, which is likely why it’s been reported recently that Sanchez has but a slight edge over Siemian (more on that here).

Sanchez has been mediocre — at best — throughout his career, displaying an astonishing level of consistency when it comes to turning the ball over (86 touchdowns, 84 interceptions and 51 fumbles in six NFL seasons). Lynch is a rookie who might have promise in the future but who is far too green to throw to the wolves this early in his career.

So essentially right now the Broncos are looking at either Siemian or Sanchez this season to start. Either way, you’re looking at the defense with a ton of pressure to match last year’s effort in order to produce a playoff-caliber team. And when you’re doing with that strategy, turnovers are more of a factor than ever, which means Sanchez probably is not your best option.

With all this in mind, it’s no wonder the Broncos view Siemians as a legitimate option to start at quarterback this year. After failing to land any other options this offseason, he just might be their best bet.