Basketball legend Tracy McGrady says some players are only in NBA ‘based off relationships’

It’s all about who you know. Apparently, that’s essentially how basketball Hall of Fame member Tracy McGrady feels about some players currently earning a paycheck in the NBA today.

The former high-flying two-time scoring champion has been retired from the NBA since the 2013 season recently opened up during an interview where the seven-time All-Star made one comment that many could view as controversial.

“There’s guys in the NBA (that) should be thanking god every day. That they’re lucky to be in that position because some of these guys are there just based off of relationships.”

Retired Hall of Fame legend Tracy McGrady

T-Mac entered the NBA straight out of high school in 1997 and proceeded to play 15 seasons with six different organizations and even went to play in China after his NBA days were done in 2013. While he’s no longer playing, McGrady clearly continues to follow the league that brought him a great amount of fame.

In some ways, this doesn’t appear to be too far off from what LeBron James recently indicated when he suggested his son, Bronny James, was already better than several current NBA players.

While McGrady didn’t feel inclined to provide further details on the examples of which players are only in the league based on their ties, he obviously isn’t talking about any current stars dominating the landscape.

Yet, there are always a few players on the end of each bench that are seemingly interchangeable with other free agents who remain on the street, hoping for another opportunity to come their way. We’re guessing this is who McGrady is taking aim at. Another possibility could be the

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