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LeBron James says Bronny James is much better than many current NBA athletes

When LeBron James was coming up, he was widely regarded as a generational talent. A can’t-miss prospect who could drastically alter a franchise’s future. He did just that with his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers, leading them to the playoffs in six of his seven seasons.

Now as the NBA’s all-time scoring leader, at 38 years old, the ‘Chosen One’ has accomplished nearly everything you could imagine in his 20-year NBA career. His next item on the checklist may be to play on the same team in the NBA as his son, Bronny James.

But Bronny is still at least a year away, as he’s not eligible for the NBA Draft until 2024. Unlike LBJ, his son isn’t viewed as a top prospect. While it’s still early to be projecting two years into the future, LeBron feels his son could already hang with his peers in the NBA.

We know this from seeing his tweet on Monday night, where LeBron was apparently doing what he normally does on his days off, watching other teams play via NBA League Pass. Still, his comments are sure to catch a few NBA observers off-guard.

There were only six NBA games on Monday, and there’s really no way to decipher which teams or players he may be talking about, but this is likely just a case of a father hyping up his son.

Playing high school basketball for Sierra Canyon in California, Bronny is now finishing up his senior year. Unlike his father, he isn’t allowed to enter the NBA straight out of high school due to league rule changes, but even if he were, there’s no guarantee Bronny would be a top pick.

Bronny is reportedly 6-foot-3 and weighs 180 pounds, far from the human freight train that his dad is. He’s averaging 13.8 points, 5.5 rebounds, 2.7 assists, and 1.8 steals per game in high school. ESPN views him as a four-star recruit who’s currently at No. 28 in their ESPN 100 rankings.

He has offers from several schools, including Kentucky, Memphis, Michigan, Ohio State, Oregon, and USC. Wherever Bronny goes, he’ll have tons of eyeballs monitoring his progress. Chances are, that will even include many current NBA players curious to see if another basketball legend from the James family is set to join the Association.

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