Tony Romo Buys Drinks For Fans Who Purchased Tickets To NFFC Event

Tony Romo

Tony Romo just earned himself a huge room full of new friends after he bought drinks for folks who had purchased tickets to his cancelled Las Vegas NFFC event.

Romo has his share of detractors for his on-field play in crunch time, but he came through in the clutch on this ocassion.

TMZ scooped this story:

“TMZ Sports¬†found out Romo rented a fancy Las Vegas lounge to throw a party for people who bought tickets to what was supposed to be his fantasy football convention.”

Per the report, there were 200 fans who attended this make-up event, and in addition to the free drink, Romo provided a signed poster to each one.

The NFL put the conference in the grave early in June, citing the league’s gambling policy as the reason. We all know, however, that this was nothing more than a power play to ensure nobody but the NFL profits from the NFL.

More than 60 NFL players were under contract for the event, and many fans had already purchased hotel rooms and other accommodations.

So, while the entire thing went up in smoke, Romo did what he could to salvage the experience, and we think he did an amazing job.

Photo Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports