Tony Dungy shades Panthers over defensive coaching changes

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers made some changes to the defensive coaching staff after Sunday’s loss the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tony Dungy was not having it.

After Brady Hoke and Jeff Imamura were let go, Dungy took to Twitter to shade Cam Newton and the Panthers, in general.

We’re not exactly surprised to see Dungy, a longtime coach, looking after current coaches. While the move was obvious, Dungy was also stunned on Sunday night when the Green Bay Packers fired coach Mike McCarthy.

Here, he has something of a point though it’s important to remember that Carolina is on a four-game losing streak. While Sunday was an exception, the defense has struggled through that stretch. So, it’s possible this decision was more about a series of events rather than one game.

While Dungy’s has some validity, it’s not exactly a big picture argument, either.