Tom Brady turning Dwayne Allen into fantasy stud?

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has the knack of turning anyone he throws passes to into a fantasy football gem. An observation by Ben Volin of the Boston Globe hints that new tight end Dwayne Allen could be a fantasy football stud in the making.

We have an official sleeper alert. Though, tight end Rob Gronkowski will have something to say about all this.

Allen is new to the Patriots. He was landed in a trade this offeseason after spending five seasons with the Indianapolis Colts. Even with Gronk in the picture, Allen stands to build on the 406 receiving yards and six touchdowns accomplished last season with his former team.

Brady averaged 36 passing attempts per game in 2016. Despite a crowded field of eager receiving hands, Allen will see his fair share of targets. Put him on your fantasy radar, folks, especially taking into account this latest tidbit of information.