Tom Brady explains how conversation with Roger Goodell went

By Vincent Frank

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has now won five Super Bowl titles. His latest victory came against the Atlanta Falcons this past Sunday after New England overcame a 25-point third quarter deficit in Super Bowl LI.

It was a record comeback and a record performance from Brady. He also did this right in front of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who had previously slapped the quarterback with a four-game suspension due to his alleged role in the whole Deflategate scandal.

As Goodell stood up on the podium to hand Patriots owner Robert Kraft the Lombardi trophy, Brady and head coach Bill Belichick could be seen in the background laughing it up. This came at the same time that the crowd in Houston was loudly booing the commissioner.

Yes, Brady literally had the last laugh here.

Now, a few days from pretty much sticking it to the commissioner, the reigning Super Bowl MVP shared exactly how that post-game conversation went.

“He just said congratulations and good game, and I just said, ‘Thank you,'” Brady said, via WEEI in Boston. “To win the Super Bowl, nothing is negative about this. I just want the focus to be on positivity and that’s just kind of how I am and how I’ll always be.”

That’s most definitely a way for Brady to be diplomatic here.

Though, it’s not a secret that he still harbors some ill-will towards the commissioner. The photo of Brady laughing while Goodell was being booed is a prime example of this.

At the very least, Brady isn’t joining other members of the Patriots publicly calling the enigmatic Goodell out.┬áHe seems to be above that.