Todd Gurley says Le’Veon Bell worth $20 million per season

By Rachel Wold

On Wednesday, Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell took to social media to seemingly say that he should get paid $17 million per year.

The July 17 deadline for Bell and the Steelers to negotiate a new deal has passed. But, that has apparently not stopped Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley from campaigning for Bell’s new contract next year.

Gurley says Bell is worth $20 million per year. Forget $17 million and the $15 million Bell reportedly said he wants earlier in August. Gurley just upped the ante.

The $20 million would take Bell into quarterback pay territory.

All of this buzz now is just that. Bell will get paid slightly more than $12 million under the franchise tender this season.

Bell and his supporters can throw dollar figures out there all season long, but it won’t do anything to change his bottom line.

Contract talks can begin again next year. Bell averaged a stout 157 total yards per game in 2016. As long as he is healthy and actively on the field, he should produce at an elite level once again this year.

When it comes to Gurley, he needs to step up his game after a poor performance last season.