Todd Bowles blasts Sheldon Richardson for feud with Brandon Marshall

New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles made it crystal clear that he did not want to discuss a the long-standing feud between defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson and former Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

In May, Richardson said the Jets locker room will be a better place without Marshall.

 “Let’s just say there are 15 reasons why it’s better,” Richardson said.

Number 15 just happens to be the number of Marshall’s jersey. Richardson had issues with Marshall that stemmed back to September when Marshall reportedly went to the press after the two tangled in the locker room.

Nonetheless, Bowles has enough on his plate approaching the team’s first preseason game. Nothing productive comes from Bowles being probed about Richardson trashing a former teammate.

For starters, the Jets are holding one of the most depressing quarterback competitions in the league. And their receivers, minus Marshall, are a dismal one to say the least — featuring a suspended Jalin Marshall as the No. 2.