Tim Tebow almost chose baseball over football in 2015

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is currently the talk of the New York Mets’ organization. The former Heisman winner has been raking big time at the plate and could be in line for a promotion from Single-A here soon.

While Tebow is ways away from actually joining the Major League team, it looks like his transition from football to baseball has indeed worked out.

Interestingly enough, Tebow’s baseball career almost got off to an earlier start. In talking to MMQB, the former Denver Broncos first-round pick suggested that he was training for a career switch when then Eagles head coach Chip Kelly called him to show interest in signing the then street free agent.

“I’m literally in the on-deck circle, and my brother hands me the phone and says, ‘It’s Chip.'” Tebow said. “I’m thinking (exhales) like really, I just got excited about this. And now he calls, and I’m torn again.”

Ultimately, Tebow would end up signing with the Eagles. Though, that relationship was short-lived. Kelly and Co. released him during the preseason. This pretty much set into motion Tebow focusing on the diamond full-time.

We’re not yet sure whether this entire baseball thing will pan out. Once thing is for sure. Tebow is giving it all he has. And in reality, football itself didn’t seem to be a long-term option for the former quarterback.