Tim Duncan’s relief effort completes first wave in U.S. Virgin Islands

By David Kenyon

NBA legend Tim Duncan is doing tremendous work in the U.S. Virgin Islands to help the area recover from Hurricane Irma.

After the massive storm barreled through the place Duncan was born and raised, the former San Antonio Spurs star contributed to The Players’ Tribune with a heartfelt article, Don’t Forget About the Islands.

In the piece, he promised to match the first $1 million in donations. Less than two weeks later, the crowdfunding campaign has reached $2.5 million — and it’s already making a considerable impact.

The Duncan USVI Relief effort shared an update of the first trip, passing along that it has provided 170,000 pounds of food and more than 1,200 pounds of medical supplies.

The Duncan group also thanked members of the military, specifically a trio of units stationed in Minnesota, Arizona and California, for their assistance in the Virgin Islands. The units from Minnesota and California are ALCF (Airlift Control Flight) teams who are responsible for humanitarian missions.

Devastation in Texas from Hurricane Harvey and Florida from Irma have grabbed most of the nation’s attention, but Duncan and the supporters of his effort deserve attention, too.