Tiger Woods’ Reported Infidelity Caused Breakup with Lindsey Vonn

By Jesse Reed

Tiger Woods was recently dumped by girlfriend Lindsey Vonn, and now we know the reason why.

The Daily Mail reports Woods had a one-night stand following a disappointment on the golf course. The legendary golfer withdrew from the Farmer’s Insurance Classic in February, per a friend, prompting him to revert to old habits and the reported one-night stand.

He had a relapse in the sex department,’ a close friend reveals to Daily Mail Online. ‘Lindsey found out about women again. Always while he’s on the road. Just like when he was with Elin.

He withdrew from Farmer’s. You have to understand, while it’s not right, it’s not really wrong either. Tiger isn’t married. He doesn’t really drink or do drugs. So what else does he have when he can’t afford to lose again? He allowed to find some relief.

Most men would drink over such losses.Tiger has sex over it. Usually with local hookers whom he pays exorbitant amounts to, probably so they will want repeat business and won’t tell.

Once thought by many to be some kind of demigod, based on his golf-course dominance, Woods clearly is human after all.

The “friend” also revealed Woods was seen with the woman in question and decided to address the indiscretion with Vonn head-on, rather than let her hear about it second-hand. While this seems like a step forward for Woods, it ultimately led to the end of the three-year relationship he had with Vonn.

It also appears it could have been avoidable, as Woods reportedly stopped going to “self-mandated therapy sessions” for his addiction, despite pleas from friends and family to the contrary. The breakup with Vonn seems to have hit him exceptionally hard, as he told media he hadn’t slept in three days after the news broke.

Woods has been attempting to rebound on the golf course ever since the shocking news of his numerous infidelities during his marriage with Elin Nordegren. Once the undisputed king of the hill in the golf world, he’s struggled to return to the form that made him No. 1 in the world and helped him claim 16 major golf championships.

After another overwhelming disappointment at The Players Championship this past weekend, Woods now has fallen all the way down to the No. 135 spot in the Official World Golf Rankings. Once considered a lock to break Jack Nicklaus’ record for 18 majors, it seems more and more likely Woods will fail to hit that mark.

Woods’ personal problems are an unfortunate asterisk pinned next to one of the most legendary sports figures of this generation. One can only hope that he will continue reaching out for help in the future and that he can enjoy success, both on and off the course.

Photo: USA Today Sports