Report: Sam Bradford not interested in playing for Chip Kelly, Jets not interested in him

By Rachel Wold

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford is disgruntled in the wake of his team’s trade up to No. 2, presumably for a quarterback. He is demanding a trade, but there are two teams that don’t appear to be a fit, despite the fact both need a franchise passer.

The New York Jets still need to figure out their quarterback situation but are reportedly are not interested, per Jason La Canfora, who also notes Bradford is not interested in a reunion with Chip Kelly and the San Francisco 49ers.

This doesn’t leave Bradford with a lot of options.

The Denver Broncos reportedly contacted the Eagles and inquired about Bradford, but no trade was struck due to Bradford’s asking price. Aside from landing opposite his former teammate Mark Sanchez in Denver, it would appear that Bradford may be staying put.

Anybody who doled out the $100 for an Eagles jersey with Bradford’s name should be relieved.

The name Kelly obviously leaves a bad taste with Bradford. Though, perhaps Bradford ought to be thanking Kelly for giving him the chance he had in Philly last year.

After compiling a stash of mediocre (at best) stats in Philly last season, the Eagles signed him to a healthy two-year, $35 million deal in March.

Though, since inking Bradford and giving him an $11 million signing bonus, the Eagles moved up to No. 2 in the NFL Draft. It is presumed they will select either California’s Jared Goff or North Dakota’s Carson Wentz.

This is what started Bradford on his warpath, despite the Eagles reassuring him that he would be the starter this year.

Both the Broncos and the Jets are being conservative about what they want to pay to quarterbacks. The Jets only want to offer Ryan Fitzpatrick backup quarterback pay while the Broncos said Colin Kaepernick would need to take a significant pay cut to join their team.

Bradford stands to make the most money by sticking with his gig in Philly.