Texans coach Bill O’Brien requested parents to not watch “Hard Knocks”

HBO is set to broadcast the first episode of “Hard Knocks,” which provides an inside look into NFL training camps. The Houston Texans are the focus of the 2015 edition of the series, but head coach Bill O’Brien had an interesting request of his parents:

Don’t watch it.

According to Dale Robertson of the Houston Chronicle, O’Brien asked his parents to not watch the show’s debut because of certain unnecessary adjectives and nouns in his coaching vocabulary.

“I called my parents and asked them not to watch it. Especially my mother. She’s Irish Catholic and she goes to mass I think every day. She’s not going to be very happy with me.”

O’Brien said the “Hard Knocks” crew did a “really good job” working with the team and that the exposure is beneficial for the Texans. He continued:

“(The director) Matt Dissinger is a guy that’s been very good to work with. I think that, again, it should showcase the players, and I think it does, showcases a lot of players in a good way, and that’s a good thing for the Houston Texans.”

On the other hand, it’s not good for O’Brien’s next conversation with his mother.

Photo: USA Today Sports