Tennessee Titans won’t commit to DeMarco Murray as starter

By Rachel Wold

Tennessee Titans running back DeMarco Murray is listed as the team’s top dog on the depth chart with rookie Derrick Henry backing him up.

Though, this doesn’t mean Murray will necessarily be receiving the lion’s share of the carries this season.

Shedding a bit of light on how the Titans plan to run the ball this year, offensive coordinator Terry Robiskie shared this.

“I believe in just doing whatever we have to do, whatever is necessary to win the game,’’ Robiskie said, via Jim Wyatt of the team’s official website. “Obviously we’ll have it situated going into the game, and figuring, ‘Hey, we want to go this way or go that way.’ If we get to going in the game and some guy gets the hot hand and that’s what it takes to win the game then that is what we are going to do.”

The primary goal for the Titans would be to improve their 25th-ranked rushing offense from last season. If this means keeping the guy that’s performing best on the field, then so be it.

Robiskie reiterated that the attempts won’t be plotted out ahead of time between Murray and Henry.

“We are not going to sit down before the game and say, ‘So and so has to have 20 carries, or he has to touch it 25 times.'”

While this plan of attack will hopefully work wonders for the team’s offense, it is not necessarily what those who play fantasy football want to hear.

Murray is certainly capable of a workhorse load considering his 1,845 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns with the Dallas Cowboys back in 2014.

On the other hand, Henry carried the ball 395 times for 2,219 rushing yards and a whopping 28 touchdowns en route to earning the Heisman for Alabama last season.

At this point in time, Murray appears content with the system.

“We have a lot of good running backs on this team, so I think everybody is going to get a fair share of carries. Obviously (getting a lot of carries to get into a rhythm) is important for some guys. It just depends on how the game goes.”

We will have to see how the season plays out and if Murray’s sentiment remains the same. It wasn’t too long ago that Murray expressed his displeasure with his limited role on the Philadelphia Eagles’ offense when he split time with Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles.

Hopefully, everybody can set their egos aside and work together cohesively to help the Titans achieve more than the three wins they managed last year.