Teen who broke into Gerald McCoy’s home sentenced to five years in prison

Gerald McCoy

In November, the home of Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive lineman Gerald McCoy was broken into. In the incident, McCoy’s father injured his wrist.

On Thursday, the perpetrator was sentenced to five years in prison.¬†Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times wrote that¬†“Justin Frazier, 18, of Wesley Chapel entered into a “best interest” plea agreement May 3, with credit for 180 days already served in jail, according to court records” and that he “has been sentenced to five years in prison.”

Per Auman’s report, Frazier also had “six other felony charges against him.”

It’s certainly a sad situation for all involved. When McCoy was asked about it, even he didn’t seem to express any relief.

“That’s a lost kid,” McCoy said, via Auman. “Probably just needs some guidance. It’s nothing to be upset over. It happens. You could look at it at a different way, like ‘I hate the person that tried to break into my house,’ or you could look at it like somebody who needs help. I would just advise people to pray for this kid.”

While it’s not the attitude most would have, it’s certainly a healthy attitude to take. Fortunately, the damage wasn’t greater, with McCoy’s father suffering only the wrist injury.