Updated Super Bowl odds show power has dramatically shifted

NFL offseason moves have caused a major shift in the odds for which teams are favored to win Super Bowl LIII.

Note the numbers in red — teams whose odds have gotten worse since Feb. 5, 2018, one day after Super Bowl 52 was played. Some NFC franchises such as the Green Bay Packers, Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys and Carolina Panthers have all trended down.

Meanwhile, NFC teams on the rise are (not surprisingly) the Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers — teams that all sport some younger quarterbacks.

And, sadly we can see there is very little for Baltimore Ravens or Detroit Lions fans to be enthused about with their sinking odds.

Another observation worth noting is the rise in the Seattle Seahawks’ odds, despite the team blowing up the Legion of Boom. The plummet of the Kansas City Chiefs minus Alex Smith is not exactly a shocker.

The Cleveland Browns (not depicted on this chart) are on the rise. Instead of falling dead last in odds, per the usual, they are favored above the Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals and New York Jets. Ouch.

While it is way too early to even start thinking Super Bowl, it is interesting to see how the league is trending due to roster shifts since February.

If there is any takeaway here, Browns fans can at least be happy with this news.