Steve Smith on motivation to return: ‘A thousand receptions’

By Vincent Frank

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith should consider himself lucky he’s not teaming up with Adrian Peterson┬áin Minnesota.

In addressing a multitude of topics with reporters on Wednesday, Smith was his usually outspoken self when asked what the primary motivation behind his return for a 16th season was.

“A thousand receptions, to be honest. You’ve got to have something to strive for,” Smith said during minicamp, via The Baltimore Sun. “”I may catch that (1,000th ball) in my uniform, get in my car and go home. Straight from there. Drive all the way from M&T Bank straight to Charlotte in one shot.”

Smith obviously said some of this in a joking manner. He’s also just 59 receptions away from that 1,000 mark.

Though, it’s rather interesting that he would point to this as his primary motivation. Coming off a torn Achilles that cost him the final nine games of last season, the future Hall of Fame receiver has yet to win a Super Bowl during his illustrious career. Wouldn’t that be motivation enough?

Maybe there could be some motivation in not ending his career with an injury.

Either way, it is a rather interesting response from a guy who has competed at the highest level during what has been a stellar career in the NFL.

If he’s all about that individual goal, one has to wonder what his teammates think about this.