Steve Smith compares failed Ravens comeback to ‘terrible sandwich’

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. has given the media some of the greatest quotes and soundbites in recent memory. Following Sunday’s loss to New England it was much the same.

Going so far as to compare the loss to a “Terrible Sandwich” and a “Terrible Dinner,” Smith came with some amazing quotes for the media.

While he stated he was happy with the comeback, he was clearly not happy with the loss, calling it a “good attempt.”

By far the best quote though had to be the following.

“I was hoping we would play this game and also beat them. Icing on the cake and we got fish sticks. It was a terrible dinner. Garbage”

While food definitely seemed to be on the receiver’s mind, Smith has always been a fierce competitor throughout his career. Monday’s loss was no different.

Let’s just hope the Ravens manage to win out and make the palyoffs so Smith doesn’t have to endure “terrible sandwiches” anymore.