Stephen Curry breaks single-game NBA record for three-pointers

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry saw his NBA record for most consecutive games with a three-pointer come to a conclusion in a surprising loss to the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday night.

Like the true MVP that he is, Curry decided that he was going to go ahead and break another record in his very next game. The Association’s top shooter broke the NBA record for the most three-pointers in a single game, hitting 13 against the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday night.

All said, the two-time reigning MVP hit 13-of-17 three-point attempts en route to putting up 46 points in the Warriors’ win.

Remember, Curry had matched Donyell Marshall and Kobe Bryant for the most threes in a single game against the Oklahoma City Thunder this past February. Yes, this means that Kevin Durant was on hand for both historical outings.

Only this time, he was cheering his teammate on as Curry found another record that couldn’t withstand his onslaught from distance.