Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin breaks with Roger Goodell over reducing preseason games

It’s a topic that NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell has discussed recently. The focus on the league potentially reducing its number of preseason games. The obvious reason would be to cut back on risking injury to the players. It’s also become somewhat of a worn-out slate for fans around the NFL.

In discussing the possibility of shortening the preseason, Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin does not seem to be in favor of such a plan.

“I’ve had an appreciation for the preseason going all the way back to my position coach days,” Tomlin said during a Wednesday afternoon news conference, per Chris Adamski of Trib Live. “I’m just a lover of football. I believe all of these (young players) here working have a legitimate chance, and I think the preseason games give the guys an opportunity to put their skills on display — not only for (the Steelers) but for the other 31 teams. I like the preseason, personally. I think it aids in the development of young players, specifically those in certain positions, like the quarterback position.”

As for adjusting the preseason, Goodell recently lobbied to reduce to just two games. Meanwhile, he suggests expanding the regular season to 18 games according to the report.

Taking Tomlin’s comments into consideration, he does make a solid point. This is especially true when it comes to giving young quarterbacks a chance to compete. Eventually, the Steelers will be in this boat. The team is already preparing for quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s eventual retirement.

Worth noting is that the Steelers have already announced Big Ben and Antonio Brown will not play in their preseason opener. The Steelers hit the road to play against the New York Giants on Friday for their first exhibition game.