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Angels’ Single-A team hosting ‘Space Jam Night’ on Saturday

Matt Johnson

Baseball fans will have a chance to get an amazing collectible on Saturday night in San Bernardino. The Inland Empire 66ers are hosting “Space Jam Night” and giving away reversible jerseys for the future movie sequel.

The reversible jersey honors LeBron James’ version of Michael Jordan’s original classic movie. On one side of the jersey will be the No. 23 and the 66ers initials, while the other side of the jersey will have the toon squad logo with “SixersSquad” on the front.

LeBron’s “Space Jam” sequel isn’t going to be released until 2021, but it’s clear this will be something minor-league teams will be taking advantage of. Inland Empire will likely be the first of many teams to start hosting “Space Jam Night” in the future.