Have You Seen the Food at the 49ers’ Levi’s Stadium?

Whether you are at the San Francisco 49ers’ new Levi’s Stadium for just one game or you are a season ticket holder who purchased the $5,000 tailgate package, you will be eating well with some of these pretty awesome food options. 

27 food options, really?

$10.50 for these is not a bad deal.

Nothing better than anticipating a fresh pulled-pork sandwich.

The budget-friendly offerings look fabulous as well.

I want this.


Who cares about healthy when you’re at a football game?

I’ll eat anything with prosciutto.

Looks like shrimp.

For the seafood lovers – pretty good bargain.

Now more about that $5,000 tailgate party. If you want to fork out the five grand, you will get all you can eat and drink, including alcohol for the whole season which covers 10 tailgate parties inside of their 17,000 sq. foot three-tiered restaurant owned by Michael Mina.

Alright everybody, who’s in?