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Evaluating 3 Seattle Seahawks trade down options, including with the Las Vegas Raiders

The Seattle Seahawks are in an advantageous position entering the 2023 NFL Draft, holding two first-round picks including the fifth overall selection. While every option is on the table, trading down might be in the Seahawks’ best interests.

Recent NFL Draft rumors have pointed to the Seahawks’ keen interest in the 2023 quarterback class. While Seattle is pleased with starting quarterback Geno Smith, it can get out of his contract after next season and he still isn’t viewed as the long-term starter. However, the buzz about Seattle possibly trading up to draft its next franchise quarterback could be noise to convince another team to acquire the fifth pick from Seattle.

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Seattle could also stand pat, taking the best defensive player available after at least three quarterbacks come off the board. It would guarantee them either Jalen Carter or Will Anderson Jr., a blue-chip talent for the defense. However, moving down the draft might be the best move.

Let’s evaluate three potential trade-down options for the Seahawks.

Seattle Seahawks trade down with Las Vegas Raiders

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The Las Vegas Raiders know they likely won’t have a shot at one of the first-round quarterbacks if they don’t move up. While that doesn’t necessarily mean Las Vegas will make a move, the front office and coaching staff would obtain job security and hope for the future by drafting one of this year’s top quarterback prospects.

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There is more incentive to make a deal with the Arizona Cardinals, acquiring the third pick and jumping ahead of the Indianapolis Colts. However, the Raiders could exercise patience if they are high on Anthony Richardson with Indianapolis focused on Will Levis. In that scenario, the cost of moving up to the fifth selection ahead of the Detroit Lions would be more affordable.

  • Seattle Seahawks trade: 5th overall pick, 123rd overall pick
  • Las Vegas Raiders trade: 7th overall pick, 38th overall pick

This deal with Las Vegas offers the lightest return, but that’s because Seattle only moves down two spots. With four teams spending top-five picks on a quarterback, the Seahawks snag one of the best defensive players in the 2023 NFL Draft and add even more picks to their arsenal. Walking away with Carter or Tyree Wilson and jumping up nearly 100 spots later in the draft, that’s an ideal outcome for Seattle.

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Tennessee Titans swap picks with Seattle

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The buzz surrounding the Tennessee Titans is real. Ryan Tannehill is facing an uncertain future and it’s evident the coaching staff isn’t sold on Malik Willis. It all puts Tennessee in a spot without long-term stability at quarterback, which is why trading up is being explored.

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Tennessee has a good feel for the cost of acquiring a top-five pick, it means parting with a first-round selection in 2024. It’s a massive gamble, but a first-year general manager wants to find his quarterback and this is the best way to make that happen.

  • Tennessee Titans acquire: 5th overall pick, 83rd overall pick
  • Seattle Seahawks acquire: 11th overall pick, 72nd overall pick, 2024 1st

Moving out of the top 10 picks might not be the preferred scenario for the Seahawks, but it’s worth it at this price. Even with a new quarterback, Tennessee doesn’t project to be a playoff contender in 2023. By trading down to No. 11, Seattle will get to repeat history with two first-round picks in a single draft for the second consecutive year.

Now holding the 11th pick, Seattle can go in a variety of directions. There’s an argument to be made for wide receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba or tight end Dalton Kincaid, bringing another playmaker into the offense. Instead, we’ll prioritize the Seahawks’ defense with edge rusher Lukas Van Nass. While he isn’t as good as Will Anderson Jr., it’s easy to argue that a 2024 first-round pick, moving up 11 spots in the second round and Van Ness are superior to the Alabama star.

Houston Texans trade up with Seahawks to land a QB

NFL: Houston Texans Head Coach DeMeco Ryans Introductory Press Conference
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Most expect the Houston Texans to spend the second pick on a quarterback. However, there is reportedly a scenario where the franchise goes in a different direction. One way that happens is if the Texans can strike a deal with a team like Seattle.

It does make some sense from the Texans’ perspective. If the front office is convinced either Levis or Richardson is the second-best quarterback in the 2023 NFL Draft, they could roll the dice and try and acquire a pick to snag them fifth overall. It could mean both landing a young signal-caller and providing head coach DeMeco Ryans with a building block for his defense.

  • Seattle Seahawks send: 5th overall pick, 123rd overall pick, 2024 4th
  • Houston Texans send: 12th overall pick, 73rd overall pick, 2024 1st

The incentive in this deal for Seattle is obvious. Even with improved quarterback play next season, the Texans will likely finish toward the bottom of the NFL standings. So, the Seahawks move down 12 spots, move up on Day 2 and gain a potential top-10 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. If a deal like this is made, Seattle can use the 12th pick on a pass rusher and the 20th pick on an offensive lineman or a tight end.

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