Sean Lee: “I need to get out there and start playing football”

Sean Lee
Jeffrey Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

Jordy Nelson’s injury sparked a debate of whether or not key players should appear in preseason games, but Dallas Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee is tired of watching from the sideline.

According to Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the oft-injured Lee wants to get back on the field before the regular season begins.

“I need to get out there and start playing football. I have come back and done a good job in practice. Taking it to the game is the next step. That is something I need to do.”

Lee, who tore his left ACL in May 2014, hasn’t logged any reps during the Cowboys’ first two preseason contests. The middle linebacker’s last appearance came 20 months ago, way back in December of 2013.

Despite Lee’s desire to enter a game, Dallas is wise to limit the 29-year-old. Lee missed 10 outings in 2012 due to a toe injury and six more in 2011 due to hamstring and neck issues. The man is a walking injury.

Nevertheless, the Penn State product is a critical piece to the Cowboys’ steadily improving defense. Throughout 32 combined appearances from 2011 to 2013, Lee tallied 8.2 tackles per game. If he can stay healthy for even a majority of the 2015 campaign, Lee would bolster a Dallas defense that needs strong play from the linebackers.

Lee certainly must “get out there and start playing football” again to prepare for the regular season, but the Cowboys are making the smart choice to ease him back into action. He’s too important to risk another injury right now.