Seahawks QB Russell Wilson: ‘If I didn’t want to get hit, I’d be playing tennis’

In light of Cam Newton’s recent and justified comments regarding penalties for hitting quarterbacks, players and fans have been coming out of the woodwork to respond one way or another.

The most-recent player to comment on the situation is Seattle Seahawks star Russell Wilson.

In’s “Oklahoma Drill” article, in which players are posed questions and made to respond quickly, Wilson stated the following:

I think first of all, you gotta play the quarterback position in a smart way. Obviously, if we didn’t want to get hit, we’d be playing a different sport. That’s just the truth. If I didn’t want to get hit, I’d be playing tennis. But I think that in terms of being smart on the field, you gotta get down and protect yourself. I haven’t seen all the hits, so I don’t know if some of them are illegal. I don’t really know because I haven’t really seen (Cam Newton) play this year as much.

In what is essentially the Seahawks star calling out Newton, Wilson states that you have to play smart and understand that getting hit is part of the game, insinuating that Cam plays reckless and is afraid to get hit.

While no one would argue that Newton’s style of play is essentially “smart,” saying that if you didn’t want to get hit you should play tennis is somewhat asinine, and a phrase that Wilson has used before.

Regardless, Wilson and Cam are two completely different players and Wilson dismissing Newton’s valid concerns with a joke is just saddening.