Scottie Pippen ‘beyond livid’ about how Michael Jordan portrayed him in doc

Michael Jordan holds the MVP trophy and coach Phil Jackson holds the championship trophy after the Bulls beat the Jazz to win their sixth title in 1998. Xxx C03 Phil Jackson 17 S Ut

Former Chicago Bulls great Michael Jordan has not necessarily made many friends since his hit documentary “The Last Dance” was released on ESPN last month.

The miniseries takes a behind-the-scenes look at the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls and their run to a sixth title with Jordan leading the charge.

Former teammate Horace Grant has already called Jordan out for being a “liar” and a “snitch.”

It now looks like Jordan’s top running partner with the Bulls is not too happy, either. According to David Kaplan of ESPN 1000 in Chicago, Scottie Pippen is “so angry” at Jordan over how he was portrayed in the documentary. He is said to be “beyond livid.”

There really wasn’t much controversy behind the scenes relating to Jordan and Pippen. They are still considered one of the greatest pair of teammates to ever take the court together.

Though, there’s obviously this thing called ego. Despite all of his greatness, Jordan’s view of himself was (and remains) even greater than his on-court accomplishments.

As a teammate of Jordan for more than a decade, Pippen was always seen as a complementary part of the success MJ and the Bulls had. Maybe that’s the issue here.