San Francisco 49ers superstar subtley bashes Aaron Rodgers’ playing style while complimenting Jordan Love

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While talking about the talents of opposing quarterback Jordan Love, San Francisco 49ers superstar Nick Bosa seemed to suggest the current Green Bay Packers QB is more effective for his team than the Hall-of-Famer that preceeded him.

On Saturday night, the San Francisco 49ers begin their march to the 2024 Super Bowl with a fascinating matchup against the Green Bay Packers. It is not the opponent many assumed the team would have when the playoffs began, but a pair of stunning upsets in the Wild Card Round has set up a proverbial David vs. Goliath clash in the Divsional Round.

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However, this Packers team is far better than their 9-8 record to end the season shows. They won their last three games and posted 33 points each in a pair of those victories. And they began their postseason with, arguably, the biggest shocker of these NFL Playoffs when Jordan Love and his team walked into Dallas and smashed the NFC East champion Cowboys by a score of 48-32.

While it has been a team effort for Green Bay, first year starter Love deserves a huge amount of credit. After an inconsistent start to the season as he looked to fill the massive shoes of team legend Aaron Rodgers, the 25-year-old has got into a rhythm and the game has seemingly slowed down for him. As he has put up some impressive performances over the last eight weeks.

San Francisco 49ers star subtley knocks Aaron Rodgers for off script style of play

san francisco 49ers, green bay packers
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That’s why it was no surprise when 49ers defensive star Nick Bosa was asked about Love on Wednesday, and while complimenting the Packers QB, he surprisingly took a bit of a dig at the four-time NFL MVP.

“They have a lot of the same guys from the [recent] really good teams,” Bosa said. “And they have a quarterback who does exactly what he’s coached to do. Where Aaron Rodgers is a Hall-of-Famer and unbelievable, but he kind of went outside of the realm of coaching, and some times it’s good when you have a guy who does what he’s coached to do.”

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There is no doubt Rodgers has a reputation as a player that likes to freelance on the fly, and there are many times that has worked. It has also led to clashes with coaches in the past, and there is certainly something to be said about the damage that can be done when a QB and head coach are always on the same page. The Packers recent success on offense is proof of that.

Love took over for Rodgers this season after being mentored by the Packers great for the last three seasons.

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