San Francisco 49ers GM John Lynch hints at possible extension

By Vincent Frank
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

When the San Francisco 49ers hired an inexperienced John Lynch to be their new general manager ahead of the 2017 season, it threw a lot of people for a loop. Once it was reported that he signed a six-year deal to take over the sinking ship, that was magnified even further.

Fast forward a few years, and it looks like the 49ers hit a goldmine with Mr. Lynch. They are also now looking to lock him up long-term.

John Lynch hints at possible contract extension

“Jed, true to his word, we picked it back up,” Lynch told KNBR Tuesday morning (h/t NBC Sports Bay Area). “I can tell you, I think there’s some good news around the corner.”

Pretty much a straight shooter with the media, Lynch is suggesting that an extension might be announced here soon. Who could really blame San Francisco?

The 49ers are coming off a shocking run to the Super Bowl last season. They held a 10-point lead into the final half of the fourth quarter before blowing it big time. Despite this, a 13-win regular-season after seeing the team win 10 games in Lynch’s first two seasons painted the general manager in a great light.

This comes after Kyle Shanahan signed an extension with San Francisco earlier in the offseason. Both had agreed to terms on initial six-year deals ahead of the 2017 season. They seem to be tied at the hip.

Lynch and the 49ers head into the 2020 season as one of the favorites to come out of the NFC. Teaming up with Shanahan, the two have turned an expansion-level roster into a perennial contender. That obviously warrants an extension.