San Diego Chargers Sign Brandon Flowers

According to various reports, the San Diego Chargers have signe former Kansas City Chiefs Pro Bowl cornerback Brandon Flowers to a one-year contract. Indications over the weekend were that Flowers was going to sign at some point this week and he ended up catching on with one of the teams that he visited during the free-agent courtship process. Flowers also visited with the San Francisco 49ers on Friday. 

Flowers will line up on the outside with Verrett manning the slot corner position. San Diego targeted necessary upgrades at cornerback prior to the start of the offseason and was able to land a first-round talent in Verrett as well as a Pro Bowl-caliber cornerback in Flowers.

The one-year deal is pretty much what we indicated Flowers would be looking for. It enables him to hit the free agent market next March and potentially find a team willing to offer a long-term deal.

Kansas City released Flowers earlier this month, which was extremely bad timing for the veteran cornerback. Most NFL teams had already wrapped up the offseason and were looking to move forward into the 2014 campaign when he was released. Hitting the market at the start of the 2015 league year will give Flowers a better chance at a longer-term deal.

As it relates to the 2014 season, he seems to be a tremendous fit for a Chargers team that has all of a sudden turned a weakness into a strength. Whether it will be enough to overtake the Denver Broncos in the AFC West remains to be seen.

Photo: ESPN.com