Ryan Fitzpatrick will remain Jets starter ‘barring another epic meltdown’

By Scott Carasik

The Jets won’t be playing Geno Smith over Ryan Fitzpatrick anytime soon, barring another crazy meltdown where he turns the ball over too many times.

Fitzpatrick probably should be benched after his awful six interception game last week, but the Jets are giving him another chance.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media discussed the situation:

“Yes, if Ryan Fitzpatrick has another disasterbacle like he had last week we could be talking about Geno Smith coming in and relieving him, but from my understanding talking to people involved in those conversations they are not there yet,” Rapoport said. “They really believe Fitzpatrick will bounce back and have the kind of performance that he has had earlier in the year. They have confidence in him. They also know that this what he has done through the course of his career: struggled then bounced back and been a viable quarterback. So a little too early, just a little bit, to start talking about a replacement.”

Todd Bowles should have been proactive about this situation and benched Fitzpatrick after he failed and seen what the young gun in Smith¬†had. But it’s understandable why he would want to stick with the veteran at least through the end of the season.

And yes, the Jets do have Christian Hackenberg on the roster, but he’s not anywhere close to ready after a poor showing in the preseason. Not to mention, he is a questionable fit in the offense this early.

The Jets needed to do something, but sticking by the veteran is what they are choosing to do.

Unless he has yet another epic fail.