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Russell Westbrook thought he was last All-Star pick

Russell Westbrook

LeBron James and Stephen Curry picked the 2018 All-Star teams behind closed doors, and Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Russell Westbrook initially thought he had a problem with the list.

Following the team’s victory over the Washington Wizards, Westbrook had a humorous exchange with media members — while Carmelo Anthony heckled his teammate from a nearby locker.

Westbrook saw LeBron’s tweet sharing his All-Star roster, and the OKC guard’s name showed up last on the list. At first, Westbrook provided a generic answer. But then Carmelo shouted, “Tell ’em how you really feel!”

Westbrook’s tone changed, but that’s where the fun started. ESPN’s Royce Young posted a video of the moment.

Westbrook hadn’t realized LeBron wrote down his roster in alphabetical order.

When alerted by the media, Westbrook shouted back at Carmelo, “See, I told you man! Alphabetical order! Of course I was first.”

All’s well that end’s well, though the Wizards might’ve encountered an extra-motivated Westbrook on Thursday. He poured in 46 points to lift the Thunder past Bradley Beal and John Wall — two All-Stars who happened to be listed ahead of Russ on LeBron’s alphabetical list.