Russell Okung rips analyst for suggesting Chargers don’t need Melvin Gordon

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Melvin Gordon is threatening to demand a trade and hold out of training camp, and even games, if the Los Angeles Chargers don’t pay him what he believes he’s worth.

It’s one of the biggest training camp storylines around the league, so naturally many analysts have offered their opinions — we certainly have.

However, when Adam Levitan of Establish The Run pointed out that the Chargers won all four of the games Gordon missed due to injury last year, one of his teammates came rushing to his defense.

Here’s offensive lineman Russell Okung’s take on the notion that the Chargers would be fine without Gordon:

It’s always great to see teammates supporting one another. And honestly, while running backs are a relatively cheap commodity in the NFL, losing Gordon would at least minimally hurt the Chargers.

Gordon has put up some incredible stats the past three years, totaling 4,372 yards and 38 touchdowns from scrimmage. Clearly, he is a valuable player. Whether the Chargers are ever going to be willing to give him an amount that pleases him remains to be seen.