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Rogers Centre: What you need to know to make it a great day

Blue Jays, Roger Cnetre
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Baseball is loved in Canada and if you’re north of the United States border, a trip to Toronto must also include a trip to the Rogers Centre. Not only are the Toronto Blue Jays one of the most exciting teams in MLB, but their home stadium provides a unique experience for baseball fans. Here’s everything you must know before arriving at the Rogers Centre.

Where is Roger Centre located?

Rogers Centre is in Downtown Toronto. The address is 1 Blue Jays Way, Toronto, ON M5V 1J1, Canada. 

Who plays at Rogers Centre? 

The Toronto Blue Jays play at Rogers Centre. 

What is the capacity at Rogers Centre?

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays
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The capacity at Rogers Centre is 53, 506 which is the number of seats they have. 

When do gates open at Rogers Centre? 

Gates will open 90 minutes before the scheduled game time on weekdays and two hours on weekends. 

How much is the parking at Rogers Centre?

Rogers Centre
Credit – MLB

Parking at Roger Centre can cost between $15 to $25. Limited public parking is available underground at Rogers Centre with elevator access to the building. Public access and rates vary depending on the concert or event. On game days, there is no public parking underground. The lot is divided into four zones.

  • Star Zone (Green): The northeast section of the building/closest elevator is at Gate 3.
  • Cloud Zone (Blue): Southeast/Gate 7
  • Sun Zone (Red): Southwest/Gate 9
  • Moon Zone (Yellow): Northwest/Gate 13

Can you tailgate at Rogers Centre? 

There is no tailgating at Rogers Centre parking lots before or after the game. 

Can you watch batting practice at Roger Centre?

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Toronto Blue Jays
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Yes, you most definitely can watch the batting practice of the Toronto Blue Jays. If you are loud enough, you might get lucky and be thrown a ball by one of the players. 

What bars are close to Rogers Centre? 

Since you can’t tailgate at Rogers Centre, a few bars are within walking distance of Rogers Centre. 

How much is a suite at Rogers Centre?

Suites at Rogers Centre can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 depending on the suite size, package, day, and playing. We have listed each suite and what it entitles. 

  • Diamond Suite: Best Suite in the building is available to purchase if 18 ticket holders are going to be there. It is located on the 300L and 400L infield, offering a spectacular view of home plate.
  • Executive Suite: Available to purchase with 12 tickets and is located on the 300L infield and 400L bases. 
  • Double Suite: Available to purchase at 24 tickets and is located on 300L and 400L. 
  • Large Suites: A space for 50 plus people has two large hosting areas to host up to 300 people. It is in the 300L and 400L. 

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What can you bring to Rogers Centre?

Bag policy will vary at each event at Rogers Centre. Blue Jay bag policy is that bags smaller than 7” x 4”x2 are recommended, and large bags are discouraged. 

Can you bring food and water to Rogers Centre?

To avoid spillage, you can bring outside food into Rogers Centre if the items are wrapped, bagged, or left inside a container. Plastic bottles or cans that hold 600 ml or less and are nonalcoholic can be brought inside. 

Is Rogers Centre cashless? 

Rogers Centre is cashless, and they only accept credit or debit card payments. They do have a reverse ATM place your cash into the machine, and you will receive a pre-loaded debit card. Head inside to the Jays Shop on Section 112 or Section 134. 

What is there to eat at Rogers Centre?

Rogers Centre
Credit – Pxhere

There are multiple places to get food when you are at Roger Centre. We have listed a few places but if you want to see what else they have on the menu at each site, download the MLB Ballpark app for more access to the food list. 

Fresh Burger with Cheese 6 oz

  • 100 Level: 117, 125
  • 200 Level: 211
  • 500 Level: 520

Crispy Chicken Tenders w/ Fries

  • 100 Level: 110, 120, 127
  • 200 Level: 209, 215, 
  • 500 Level: 511, 514, 520, 

Field Roast Frank

  • 100 Level: 109
  • 200 Level: 220
  • 500 Level: 514

Souvenir Ice Cream Helmet

  • 100 Level: 119, 123
  • 200 Level: 215, 233
  • 500 Level: 514, 523, 524

Pizza Nova Cheese Slice

  • 100 Level: 116, 123
  • 200 Level: 215, 233
  • 500 Level: 523
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